I am Time

Suffering,or bliss.Do not be disturbed. Do not lose your head. Do not knot your soul. There is no testimony, no measuring of miss. The either/or is mysterious, that’s sure. Just hear it. Then see it. Now taste it. What have you found? Ask your mind what it is like… go on. Four dimensions: The first, [...]

Integrating Rationality

Prickles, I'm gooey and you're prickly. This may be the root of our disagreement... -Goo----------------------------Goo,i think there my be a distinction in the 'personality' of our philosophy... heres what ive been thinking though regarding our discussion:Like i said before, and im going to try to make more clear in another video... i see philosophy as [...]

Hofstadter, Wittgenstein, Varela: Loops, Language, Poesis

The purpose of this essay is to display how the Enlightenment's arête became its harmartia. In other words, it is to show how Modernity's greatest virtue became its tragic flaw. Its virtue was to separate the Big Three: the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. This differentiation lead to all the positive aspects of Modern [...]