The Living Cosmos

've been struggling with how to bring teleology back into scientific cosmology (by which I mean the development of the entire universe, from the birth of matter and energy, to stars and planets, to cells and animals...). It is difficult, because we are so used to seeing the world as a collection of blind atoms. [...]

Biology Culture Wars

From Wonderist:First I want to say that the closest I've heard to a serious shift in thinking is with epigenetics, for which there is *actually* evidence that it occurs in life.With that out of the way, I'll boil down my point. Let's say you have a well-known metaphor A, and a lesser-known metaphor B. A [...]

Being No One

CanteatpancakesLove your videos, Love your comments,I'm a giant Alan Watts fan my selfI've found Thomas Metzinger to be a great addition to his ideas, have you read Being No One?The functional boundary between a supposed internal and external world seems to me nothing more then a evolutionary tool which can not be justified outside of [...]

Curing Philosophy

Wittgenstein's model philosopher would act like a physician, though instead of trying to cure physical ailments, he would attempt to relieve metaphysical tension. The philosopher is a doctor of the mind, more commonly known as a psychologist. His task is to keep the language from misunderstanding itself. This, in turn, prevents people from becoming insane. [...]

Embody Your Soul

Honesty is only possible if one agrees with oneself. If an inner conflict persists, one can only delay the truth, or lie. If we can befriend ourselves, speaking the truth becomes a possibility. Telling the truth consists in carrying the inside, out. Truth reveals what is of itself so, but which had prior to its [...]