Naturalizing Representation

I wrote this essay a few years ago for a philosophy of mental representation course. I think I would rework a few ideas looking back, but I would still defend the idea that reality is not describable from 1st or 3rd person perspectives alone. Both are part of a larger ongoing whole/part. Q: Why is [...]

She Cries Wolf

t is not enough to merely believe in love.For it to be real, it must be born. Love as an idea is an empty promise.Love embodied is what moves minds and changes the world. Hate can change the world as well, but typically acting on one's hatred is far easier than acting on love. The [...]


It is a disease, a poison, a curse and a burden. That is unless it comes true... unless the expectation dies to itself and is set free. Love is the one remaining cosmic mystery. Understanding its secret is the rarest gift on earth, one everyone is after. But chasing it is not being in it. [...]


Tickling my tummy makes it rumble because butterflies are set loose inside. The surface conceals the circus, the tent blocks the light from chasing the jitters away. A beautiful face with two eyes, one a smile and the other in pain. My prescriptions are mangled because I lack medical understanding. How to diagnose the situation? [...]

God is Three Things

People are always talking about God, but they use the same word for three different people. Call it the Holy Trinity if you must. God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God the Father is the material world, all the stuff out there (points around). God the Son is the body, an incarnate [...]