God is Three Things

People are always talking about God, but they use the same word for three different people. Call it the Holy Trinity if you must. God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God the Father is the material world, all the stuff out there (points around). God the Son is the body, an incarnate soul. God the Holy Spirit is communication, the sharing of minds between bodies.

The Son is always talking to the Father, trying to Know the Truth. The Father is dead, already in Heaven and far away from here. The Son calls out for help, but receives only His own nature. He is alone, eternal, unknown. He dies and is reborn fully fleshed. He cannot escape his fate.

The Holy Spirit is the Body’s marriage to other beings, to those out there who face us and can stare. Marriage to other beings is union of each with Being, in love forever.

God is the stars at night and He is the Sun in the morning. She has a lunar shadow that croons with delight, a reflection still scared by the past. God lights the days, turning the clock that winds the world.