Transpersonal Intersubjectivity

I've just been reading Christopher Bache's book "Dark Night, Early Dawn," and he, not unlike Christian de Quincey in his book "Radical Nature," argues that the interpersonal and collective dimensions of spiritual experience have been paid too little attention. Taking intersubjectivity into consideration requires a return to our embodied experience as beings embedded in a [...]

And Night Forgives Day

Snowflakes unique Come to rest Upon pristine mountain peaks. Melting under the weight of gravity And a fear of the sun, Through thousands of creekbeds And rapid rivers they'll run, Many streams returning to One ocean, An ever-stretching sea Of unchosen destiny. Back on top, As clouds prepared to drop, Perfect crystals danced Divine diamond [...]

Seeing With Teilhard: Evolution and the Within of Things

Preface“Like the meridians as they approach the poles, science, philosophy and religion are bound to converge as they draw nearer to the whole.” –Teilhard de Chardin, The Phenomenon of Man, p. 30 “To see and to make others see” (p. 31)—such is the mission of Teilhard’s masterwork, The Human Phenomenon. But what is it he [...]

On the Nature of Spirit: Masculinity, Femininity, and Human Identity

The philosopher Gregory Bateson has written that the “false reification of the self is basic to the planetary ecological crisis in which we find ourselves.” The rise of Western civilization, whether intentionally or not, has fostered the development of a false identity. Many have come to experience themselves as an abstraction, a disembodied ego whose [...]