Factish God(s)

The following is my comment posted in response to a blog by Sam Mickey about the potential of an object-oriented theology. Postsecularity might also be termed "the After Age." Perhaps the "end of history" is the beginning of an integral phase of civilization, where the transparent permeability of eternity and time, spirit and matter, reason [...]

Schelling’s Naturephilosophy and Hegel’s Exclusion of Geology

Will commented on "Schelling's Geocentric Realism" to defend the position of Nature in Hegel's Logic from its realist inversion. I wanted to make Iain Hamilton Grant's position on the matter available (from "Schellingianism & Postmodernity: Towards a Materialist Naturphilosophie"): As a shorthand for his synthetic programme, as opposed to the Hegelian system as to mechanical [...]