1st draft of dissertation submitted

I submitted the first draft of my dissertation to my committee a couple of weeks ago. I’m aiming to defend in March. Here’s a sneak peak of the table of contents. I still need to fill out the introduction and conclusions. Originally, I had no intention of writing so much about Kant, but he proved to be rather central to my effort to rehabilitate speculative philosophy. The guardian of the threshold, you might say.

The Over-Soul by Becca Tarnas

Title: Cosmotheanthropic Imagination in the Post-Kantian Process Philosophy of Schelling and Whitehead

Abstract 4
Acknowledgements 5
Introduction: Imagining Cosmos, Theos, and Anthropos in Post-Kantian Process Philosophy 6
Chapter 1: Kant as Guardian of the Threshold of Imagination 7
1.1 Whitehead, Schelling, and the Aftermath of Kant 13
1.2 The Kantian Mode of Thought 18
1.2.1 Thinking 21
1.2.2 Desiring 28
1.2.3 Feeling 32
Chapter 2: Descendental Philosophy and Aesthetic Ontology: Beyond the Kantian Mode of Thought 42
2.1 Aesthetic Ontology as Elemental Phenomenology 53
2.2 Aesthetic Ontology as Transcendental Empiricism 56
2.3 Towards a Descendental Aesthetic 66
Chapter 3: The Inversion of Kant: Towards an Organic Cosmology 86
3.1 The Refutation of Kant’s “Refutation of Idealism”: From Subject-Substance Correlation to Process-Relational Creativity 103
3.2 From Geometric Conditions of Possibility to Genetic Conditions of Actuality 118
Chapter 4: Etheric Imagination in Naturphilosophie: Towards a Physics of the World-Soul 128
4.1 Traces of Ether in Kant’s Opus Posthumum 132
4.2 Etheric Imagination in Schelling and Whitehead 142
4.3 Nature Philosophy as “Spiritual Sensation” 150
4.4 Etheric Imagination and Vegetal Metaphysics 157
Conclusion 176
Bibliography 177