My first course, Spring 2017 at CIIS

I’ll be teaching my first graduate level course next Spring at CIIS. I have a lot of reading and research to do between now and then.Please do add to my list of books or articles if you have resources relevant to the topic. Speaking of which, poet-activist Drew Dellinger gave me a ton of leads in his PCC Forum talk last night on the links between social justice and cosmology. Video should be posted in a week or so.


PAR 6472 (3 units) – The Colors of American Philosophy: Pluralism, Pragmatism, and Political Transformation

This course will introduce and examine core thinkers and themes in the American philosophical tradition with a particular focus on the unique importance of pluralism. In line with this focus, course readings will foreground the influences and perspectives of Native Americans, African Americans, and female Americans on this tradition. Course participants will be invited to situate themselves in relation to the themes explored and to present on a relevant text of their choosing that is reflective of their own background. The aim of the course is to provide participants with a conceptual grounding in the diverse histories of American thought in the hope that this grounding is of service to social and political transformation in the present.