Dennett’s Dangerous Idea

I am a little more than half way through Daniel Dennett's book about how evolutionary biology provides you with the only meaning your life needs (or at least the only meaning it can have, regardless of what you may think otherwise). Thoughts are, after all (after Dennett waves his material wand), just the side effects [...]


It is a disease, a poison, a curse and a burden. That is unless it comes true... unless the expectation dies to itself and is set free. Love is the one remaining cosmic mystery. Understanding its secret is the rarest gift on earth, one everyone is after. But chasing it is not being in it. [...]


Tickling my tummy makes it rumble because butterflies are set loose inside. The surface conceals the circus, the tent blocks the light from chasing the jitters away. A beautiful face with two eyes, one a smile and the other in pain. My prescriptions are mangled because I lack medical understanding. How to diagnose the situation? [...]

Masculine Minds make for Selfish Genes

Either altruism is possible, or it isn't, and this goes for both nature and humanity. I happen to think altruism is possible, and that the human being is just one of the most striking examples of it. Equally striking are our bodies themselves, composed of trillions of cells who somehow have chosen to participate in [...]

The Living Cosmos

've been struggling with how to bring teleology back into scientific cosmology (by which I mean the development of the entire universe, from the birth of matter and energy, to stars and planets, to cells and animals...). It is difficult, because we are so used to seeing the world as a collection of blind atoms. [...]