Ongoing discussion on PZ Myers’ blog

Anyone interested in following the thread I've been participating in over on Myers' blog, here's the link: little taste of what's been going on there (one of my posts): @ 201 John Morales writes: “those assumptions (of science) are that there is an external reality, and that it is consistent, and that only the [...]

Noospheric Evolution: Science and Religion

A few weeks ago, a contest put on by Discover Magazine was brought to my attention. The publication asked for short video submissions explaining evolution (by which they meant specifically Darwin's theory) in a lucid enough way that even the most dim-witted of creationists would be able to grasp it. From Discovery’s submission page: “Think [...]

People, People Everywhere

People, people everywhere, Wake up and look around. Where are we, as people, Upon this planet, Our forgotten ground? Hear the quiet whisper of Earth Falling forever with the Moon Into the depths of the Sky Toward the Sun, never reaching The light that showers down upon us; Greet each day without shame With the [...]

A New Day on Earth

A new age is being born from the ashes of a corpse consumed in the fire fueled by demonic dreams of animals gone made. These crazed beasts foresaw the future, and in fear of death, harnessed the rhythms of the stars to grow the seeds that fed empires and sailed ships across continental seas in [...]

Unearthing the Earth: A Phenomenological Excavation

Unearthing the Earth: A Phenomenological Excavation of our Being-on-the-Earth By Matthew Segall “Eco-phenomenology offers a methodological bridge between the natural world and our own, or rather the rediscovery of the bridge that we are and have always been but—thanks to our collective amnesia—have forgotten, almost irretrievably. It is not enough to disguise our forgetting; there [...]

Heaven Before Birth

Heaven is not a place or a space, but a time: A time transparent, its light spread in colors by our lithurgy of lies. Each of us perceives a limited shadow— Until the eye awakens and the scene is seen as thee. Heaven is a destiny, a purpose, not a surprise. We begin there, We [...]