“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead


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Mind and Life in the Cosmos

Physics Within the Bounds of Feeling Alone

Standing Firm in the Flux: On Whitehead’s Eternal Objects

Process Metaphysics: On Nature, Art, Time, & Death

Six Lectures on Whitehead’s Process and Reality

The Future Faces of Spirit

Hot Spring Hypothesis in Cosmological Context (with Bruce Damer)

Participatory Knowing in Goethe & Whitehead

Goethe’s Study of Metamorphosis in Light, Leaf, & Bone

A Cartoon Introduction to Whitehead’s Organic Cosmology

A Drunk History of Time: The Einstein, Bergson, Whitehead Debates

Altered Consciousness After Descartes: Whitehead’s Philosophy of Organism as Psychedelic Realism

Introduction to German Idealism

Rudolf Steiner’s Twelve Views of the World with Robert McDermott

World-Ecology Research Network presentation on Whitehead and Marx

Lecture clip on Schelling & Hegel from “Mind & Nature in German Idealism”

The Birth of Life & the Future of Consciousness with Bruce Damer

Astrology: Art, Science, or Religion? with Becca Tarnas

Introduction to Process Philosophy

Lecture clip on Contemporary Cosmology from Schumacher College

Lecture playlist from “Process & Difference in the Pluriverse” at CIIS

Diagramming German Idealism (Kant, Fichte, Schelling, & Hegel)

Critique of Pure Feeling: Whitehead on Kant’s Transcendental Aesthetic

The Interrupted Irruption of Time: Towards an Integral Cosmology, with Help from Bergson & Whitehead

Religion in Human & Cosmic Evolution: Whitehead’s Alternative Vision

Whitehead’s Non-Modern Philosophy: Cosmos & Polis in the Pluriverse

War of the Worlds: Love & Strife in the Pluriverse

Minding Time: Chronos, Kairos, & Aion in an Archetypal Cosmos

Evolutionary Panpsychism or Eliminative Materialism: Towards an Anthrodecentric Philosophy of Nature

Psychedelics & the Extended Mind Thesis: The Ecologization of Consciousness

The Psychedelic Eucharist: Towards a Pharmacological Philosophy of Religion

The Difference Between Kant’s & Schelling’s Philosophies of Nature

Introduction to German Idealism & Romanticism

Disenchantment, Misenchantment, Re-Enchantment: a dialogue with Richard Tarnas

Emerson & Whitehead: Towards a Transcendentalist Cosmopolitics

Cosmopolitical Theology:
The Push for a Planetary People

Worldly Religion in Whitehead & Deleuze: Steps Toward an Incarnational Philosophy

Democracy & Initiation at Burning Man: A Cosmotheandric Inquiry

The Copernican Odyssey: From Kantian Skepticism to Tarnasian Participation

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