“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead

Reality is a Reel

All my life,
I’ve been drawn to the big questions,
But I cannot even begin my story
Without revealing my bias in the first line.
Why “big” questions?
Are the answers especially “full” of goodness?
Does it take a “long” time to find them?
Are there really “more” than one?
Questions and answers…
A captain seeking new lands,
A surgeon seeking new cures,
A hero vying to save the world and wed the princess.
What happens when we receive our answer,
When the quest has been completed,
The journey ended?

Our metaphors change
As our minds transform
To encompass new truths.
The archetypes of time
Are wound up around the Sun,
And as we unwind them
We bind them
To ourselves.

The stars around
Make meaning resound
Within the brains
Of all those on the ground.
They look up
And see the angels dancing,
Shining to light the darkness,
Burning to ignite its gases
that birth the universe’s masses.

Gravity is love.
It pulls us together,
Even when we might
Run from the other
For fear of being one.

You put a gun to my head,
And even as you pull the trigger,
I feel that this
We have already done.
We’ve been here before,
And I have been you,
And you have been me,
And we have been eachother.
You do not kill me,
But when I kill you.
Together we complete
The cycle of
Our time.

We cannot escape
From a cosmos of veils.
Each new solution
Reveals a new delusion.

We’re trapped
By our deepest secret,
By the alleyway of creation,
By the umbilical cord
Still attached
To our soul.

You cannot see it.
It is what sees.
You cannot feel it.
It is what feels.
When you try to know it,
It reveals only your shadow.
A mirror faces a mirror,
Infinity is reflected.

What does it mean,
This infinite embrace?
Are we lost
In a bath of chaos?
Or free amidst
A kingdom of clouds?

Reality is a reel.







One response to “Reality is a Reel”

  1. Andras Magagna Avatar
    Andras Magagna

    Why “big” questions? I think to understand that outside of one or that which one is of.
    Are the answers especially “full” of goodness? I think the answers are not “full” of goodness, but are attributed goodness according to how well it satisfies curiosity or how well it satisfies realization of ambition.
    Does it take a “long” time to find them? I think this is relative to what the answers address.
    Are there really “more” than one? I think it is through instantiation that there are “more” than one and that there is instantiation.
    What happens when we receive our answer, when the quest has been completed,
    the journey ended? I think we end it if the answer satisfies, but continue if it does not. I think there are enough answers for us to journey forever, if we allow ourselves not to be satisfied.
    What does it mean, this infinite embrace? I think it as the limits that allow the finite to exist.
    Are we lost in a bath of chaos? I think we are not lost in, but are of, a bath of chaos.
    Are we free amidst a kingdom of clouds? I think we are not free amidst, but are of, a kingdom of clouds. I think we are of the chaos and clouds that is universe.

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