“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead

Inside and Outside

Why does my mind matter more than my body? Why is it that it’s what’s inside that counts? Isn’t the shape and character of my face as much “me” as the trends and moods of my personality? Aren’t they each a symptom of the other? My personality is my reaction to the other faces I’ve come across. But I base my reactions on my own foundations. So a person’s idea of the world is never really their own because their personality is never really their own, as it’s just his reaction to other people’s behavior and expectations (to the collective karma). So a person’s idea of the world is never close to being concerned with any “actual world” that exists regardless of humanity and completely separate from it. Our ideas are always reactions to one another. We don’t care about the “actual world.” We care only about the world as we agree to it by reacting to one another’s spontaneous recreations of words and cultures past. We use a standardized alphabet to produce meaning by reassembly into various phonetic combinations. “I hear what you say” and “I understand what you mean” are not synonymous. I can hear what you say or read what you write without experiencing the image you are attempting to convey. I can just respond to the symbols with my own symbols, putting them in order like a game. Just a bunch of lines bent up by a mental blacksmith into swords we think defend us from the chaos of the universe. Only when you understand what I mean can you use the lines as a ladder with which you may climb up, or down, or through, or out of the boxed-in rationalities of your word-infested mind. Use this line to transcend this line. It is a reminder not to take these lines seriously; just listen to them and see where they take you. Don’t judge these words.

Originally posted Nov. 25th, 2006






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