“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead

Myth and Mentation

Belief is creation. Human beings cannot escape the relationship between the formative powers of their imagination and the world itself. Thought is reality.

Yes, we have science; we have response to thought. We can test our thoughts and gauge their efficacy. We can produce statistics and build models. But these responses are still thoughts, still assertions of value, still intentions of moral significance. We are still assigning value to some scale of measurement over another, choosing with no means logical a particular form of language to admire over all others. Even if this form is mathematical and therefore seems to transcend all human dialects, the value the numbers are assigned is subjective. That doesn’t mean its truth is tainted, it just means measurements of CO2 in the atmosphere only matter to people who care about the planet. Data is just empty digits until attention is paid to it, until its worth is assigned. Why do physicists toil over the validity of their equations? Because they are obsessed with eternity.

Science is not merely an objective description of a static world. Science plays an integral part in the ongoing unfolding of a world.

Thoughts are creative: human consciousness is a participant in reality, it is not a spectator. It does not observe a world from outside. It is involved, it changes what it sees merely by looking at it differently. The subject and the object are not two separate things. My subjectivity leaks out onto everything it perceives; it is impossible to see anything outside beyond its reach. Objects do not exist without subjects; things do not exist without perspectives. What is an atom without an eye to see it? The Earth has no phases/seasons without the Sun because time can only be witnessed in eternity.







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