“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead

A New Day on Earth

A new age is being born from the ashes of a corpse consumed in the fire fueled by demonic dreams of animals gone made.

These crazed beasts foresaw the future, and in fear of death, harnessed the rhythms of the stars to grow the seeds that fed empires and sailed ships across continental seas in search of gold–that hallucinated heirloom who’s the reason history is told, its books bought and burned, its wars won and lost at all.

In the age anew, the luster of gold will have returned to its source in the sun, whose generous warmth provides the funds which powers all our lives.

The sickness of the human species is the shame that rises in her soul as the fate of his story is told.

An animal with words is an angel being born.

At first, the creature’s hair is shed, and then, within its head, the tree of life spreads its branches to better receive the light of the world.

This revelation leads man on a quest to slay the dragon whose blood he does not realize pumps also through his own body, and whose fire is the same passion with which his own heart beats.

Man has crucified himself upon the cross of his culture, made the earth in the mechanical image of his own controlling mind.

But he has heard her song again beyond the grave, and the new age resounds with their remarriage.

The earth may be drained, her oceans ravaged, her forests in ruin; but the love of being human after dying as man can save her from his story of conquest.

Out of the pregnant tomb of a race of men is coming a few whose conscience pulls them through the darkness of death to feel the love the light of the sun has for our soul.

Growing toward the light, like the plants of the earth, the humans whose hearts glow with the love of the sun will make heaven out of history and redeem the world of its woes.







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