“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead

Christianity and Ecology: Response to Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck’s segment on Christianity and the environmentalist movement.

My response:





6 responses to “Christianity and Ecology: Response to Glenn Beck”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Boy talk about consipricy theoris. People make fun at Glenn Beck for his consipricy theoris but you say it the evil corporations that make plants with no seeds to make us dependent on them. BTW – if you don’t believe in the bible your are NOT a christian PERIOD. Go be something else but you are not Christian. I am catholic and went to 12 years of catholic schools. The people who hate Glenn Beck NEVER watch him like you even admit. They also into a couple of groups. Young people who think they know it but they don’t. Gay or lesbian (there are a lot of them who hate him). People from NYC or San Franciso or people who are making money on the green movement like the liar ALGORE who has made 100 million with that crap.
    I give you some credit at least you are spewing the hate crap those on twitter usually do about Glenn Beck. You really need to watch him for a while don’t take the huffington post’s word or any other progressive blogs word on anything they distort everything he states. I am old enough to remember how different the country was just 30-40 years ago. It way out of control new with the younger generation being brain washed with progressive idea about gay marriage, global warming – read the newsweek article in 1978 stating by the scientist that we are heading for an ice age not 30 years later its global warming. Get it right which is it???

    1. Matthew David Segall Avatar

      Believe in the Bible? I find great wisdom in it, but there is always the matter of interpretation. Jesus never said a word about being a “Christian.” I do not believe He wanted to be worshipped. He did not want to turn people into “Christians.” He wanted to wake us up to the presence of the Spirit in our hearts. If he was so worried about a book, why didn’t he write anything?

      I am young, but I’ve not been brain-washed about gay marriage or global warming. If people are in love and want to be together, it is none of my business. Neither of us have any right to refuse other consenting adults at least a civil union, if not a “marriage” by name. As for climate change (“global warming” is a misnomer), the facts should not be politicized. We know temperature and weather patterns are changing. We know there is more CO2 and CH4 in the atmosphere today than there has been for many hundreds of thousands of years. We know that it was put there by human activity. What effect it will have on climate cannot be predicted with precision, but we should not be so naive as to believe human industry could not negatively effect the planet. Climate change aside, due mostly to habitat loss and over consumption, humanity has pushed the planet into the 6th great mass extinction event in its history. If you watch TV, whether Glenn Beck or Rachel Madow or whoever, you’re being brainwashed. Do your own research.

      I have also traveled extensively. San Francisco has much more in common with Europe and the Northeast US than it does with middle America.

  2. Chris Avatar

    OMG I am more right that I even know. After posting my comment I read you bio. Like I said San Fransisco people. Can I ask if you are also gay? How long you have lived there. I have to tell you I have lived a lot of places and have traveled to many more. You should not base anything from San Fransisco about the rest of the world. You views are so tainted you cannot see the reality of 98% of the rest of the world. I am not putting you down about it just trying to say if you really want to use logic and be a critial thinker you have to learn to drop the ways of San Fransisco to see how the rest of the world really is.

  3. Diarra Smith Avatar

    I don’t know if it’s said often, or at all, but I do appreciate your site. I only came across it today, expecting to have a specific conversation at work tomorrow I plugged into the internet to consider truth and spent a bit of the night looking back into truth is subjectivity which lead me here. It is late at night here and I should approach it with a sense of measure, nonetheless I do feel invigorated (and hopefully inspired) by the discover.

    I did view the GB clip, as much as I could stand anyway and found it difficult to engage along similar lines. I thought the broad influence of the medium that is Fox News a far more interesting point of discussion. Perhaps with your midterms approaching it’s an issue of immediacy and timing but admittedly it’s not a line of discussion that’s novel or unworn. But at this time of the night I don’t wish to offer anything other than the acknowledgement of my appreciation., maybe I’ll have something to add when I’m inspired.

  4. Josh Gariboldi Avatar
    Josh Gariboldi

    Hey Matt: It’s been a very long time since we’ve spoken, but I’m sure you remember me well. I somehow came across your facebook page, clicked on your website, browsed through the site, and ended up watching your video and responding here… what are the odds? As a Christian conservative, I actually enjoyed your clip and agree with much of what you said.
    One issue that has always separated me from mainstream conservative ideologues is that of environmentalism. I find it ironic that the party that prides itself in being “conservative” can promote ideas that propagate the destruction of our planet. The Republicans that promoted conservationist policies (and even formed the EPA) are seldomly seen anymore, which is sad because I have such a hard time supporting many of the other principles that the Democratic party (and other left-wing parties) promote.
    While Glenn Beck may have interviewed an invididual with narrow, fundamentalist views, I don’t know if I’d characterize him as an “imbecile”. If shared by a majority of our elected officials, Glenn’s ideas on limited government, individual freedom, and the economy could lead to policies that promoted fiscal responsibility, debt reduction, and an accountable government.
    Regarding your ideas on the verse from Corinthians that writes “the letter killeth,” you are absolutely right. While the basis for the Christian faith is from the Gospel and other techings in the Bible, a narrow-minded and 100%-literal translation of the Word is partially responsible for the poor image attributed to Christians.
    I’d keep typing, but I need to get back to some homework. Take care, man.


    1. Matthew David Segall Avatar

      Of course I remember you, Josh! How the heck are ya? Thanks for your thoughtful comment… I’m glad you recognize the importance of environmentalism. Did you know the scientific consensus is that we are in the midst of the 6th great mass extinction in Earth’s history? The last mass extinction was 65 million years ago when (most likely) an astroid killed off the dinosaurs. Today, the cause is the unchecked growth of the human economy, which has decimated natural habitats (among other causes). It’s not just that we should care about the other creatures on this planet, but that the continued survival of our own species depends upon a diverse and stable global ecosystem. We are perilously close to endangering the future of our civilization as a result of ecosystemic collapse.

      Personally, I think both major parties are a long way from adopting the radical policies required to reverse this catastrophe. Obama is still preaching “growth!, growth!, growth!” as the only solution to the economic downturn, but it is precisely the capitalist model of perpetual growth that is destabilizing the biosphere. The current economic collapse is the best thing that could have possibly happened for the health of the Earth, but now we need to find a new steady-state economic model that assures jobs and quality of life for everyone (everyone, meaning not just Americans or Europeans, but the rest of the non-Western world, who have been and continue to be exploited by capitalist markets for their labor and resources).

      I’m a bit of a libertarian myself, and actually voted for Ron Paul in the 2008 Florida primary. I just don’t trust TV “news” (more like “info-tainment”) anchors. Glenn Beck is putting on a show, just like O’Reilly and Stephen Colbert. I am not sure they even really believe what they scream into the camera. I live in California now, and am registered with the Green party, only because I think the severity of all other issues pales in comparison to the ecological crisis. Of course, part of the way out of the crisis includes ending the American empire and shutting down the military-industrial complex, which would free up so much money that the social programs you may take issue with would not seem like such major expenses.

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