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WordPress has offered to allow me to place ads on my page in order to bring in a little revenue for my traffic. It’s tough to say how much I’d actually make until I try it, but as a graduate student, every little bit helps. The thing is, I’m at bit uneasy about mixing marketing and philosophy. I’d be thankful if you, my readers, would be so kind as to give me your opinion on the matter… Would it bug you if there were ads here?


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    1. I would have to do more research. I have no direct influence over what ads show up, but I am pretty sure the content is related to what is on my blog, to keywords, etc. But I’m sure it won’t always be relevant.

  1. it would be like product placement in Swimme’s universe story., a billboard at esalen, a macdonalds built next to the Goetheanum, a disneyland near schumaker, buddha plugging adidas, ….no, i jest,…. the content would be of a new age marketing nature,… ladies in the lotus position wearing all the newest yoga clothes, …
    I think of the posts you did about the economy of gifting at burning man…
    ..and I was perusing christopher Alexander on the use of space shaping at least in part the quality of the unseen, yet full of vibratory validity and subtle affect upon the tendencies of imagination ….
    I belong to a Floyd’s Fork Presevation group now in somewhat of a struggle with the developpers that see prime farmland as stripmalls: already the night sky at the top of Ingram Hill is compromised by the electric lights en mass from the 5 filling stations, the Kohls, the 3 steak houses, the walmart, the 3 banks, the taco belle, the ….well you get the picture about competition for night skies. …..that’s my said peace. I just ordered on amazon with my new debit card, ” Clara”, by Schelling, and “Process and Difference” edited by Catherine Keller….I wanted to read in the warm porch afternoon sun, the exquisite contribution by Isabelle Stengers. To these blogs ( yours and others) on philosophy, I consider myself an earnest visitor; drawn by an awareness of my limits and ignorance of such depths of scholarship, but I suppose I am traffic also. No it would not bug me…it would be different. I have been trying to understand “double capture”, which seems a fancy way of saying ” to think empathically”, and so you are seen as free for understanding the decision you make.
    When I earned mony to get through grad school, I was an advertisement for Pasquale’s hoagies, because the smell of the grease of sizzling mystery meat after a couple of months would not wash out of my clothes. I was always telling people I was the last shift cook at Pasquale’s. Where is that? was the next question. LOL

    I will get used to the barnesandnoble billboards against your night sky, says traffic.

    blessings to you and Becca

    1. Mary, Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I take what you say to heart. I experimented with the “WordAds” and its not pretty. I’d even say its ugly. I think I’ll pass…

      Yes, “Clara” is on my list, as well. I am doing my first comprehensive exam this summer on the recent Schelling resurgence, so there will be more posted on him in the coming months as I step away from Whitehead to let him ferment for a season.

  2. I suppose you have to look at your reasons for getting into this kind of spiritual blog in the first place. If it was to close off blind-alleys along your pathway that would be one thing and you would not need any extra encouragement by way of financial return for doing that. Your present strength is that you can canvass all sorts possibilities on the basis sheer interest without the risk of becoming dependant on the advertisment income stream which might otherwise offer an incentive to follow a particular accepted approach. So that brings up the type of adverts – who would benefit etc. and how could you control that anyway?

    If people are interested in what you offer you will build-up a following anyway and once that is done you can write a book (your own book – no pressure to conform in any one approach except the one that appeals to you directly). Then you can say to your readers “Hi, I have written a book, this is its title, this is where you can buy it” ….. and not have to face a possible response along the lines of “oh, I wonder which sector of his advertising cohorts is he attempting to please with this item”? That is, does he really believe what he has written or is it merely a “commercial” ploy?

    1. I wasn’t aware that you see ads already. I don’t think that happens to those who are signed in to their WordPress account when they view the blog. Those are permenant ads, unfortunately. And only WordPress makes revenue from them. The wordad ads would be way more intrusive, one at the top of the page as a banner and another running along the side. I’ve decided against it.

      1. You can pay WordPress (I think $30 per year) to opt out of the ads. Though to be honest I’ve never noticed them showing up on your site.

  3. I have recently discovered your page and have more recently discovered this post and have decided to respond. Before I saw the other comments; I was set on a formulation of the reasons for persuasion and dissuasion of your decision. I am now set on congratulating you on making the correct decision, but then I would have congratulated for making the correct decision in either case. In the expressed decision you have done right by the readers of your page as shown in their comments. In the suppressed decision you would have done right by the cost of graduate school as would be shown in the statements of the financial institution.

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