“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead

A Long-Expected Journey

For those wondering why I haven’t posted in a while, Becca and I are on a cross country road trip. She is blogging along the way…

Becca Tarnas

So it begins…

This is the first day of a long-awaited journey, one that is two years in planning, and will at last be embarked upon. Two people, a Ford Focus, 18 days, and 6,000 miles (at least!) This morning Matt and I depart upon our cross-country road trip from San Francisco, California to Bennington, Vermont and back. The purpose? To retrieve my belongings that have been languishing peacefully in my dear uncle and aunt’s basement. The true purpose? To have an adventure, a real one, by driving deep into the heart of the American continent, and emerging on the other side to inhale the breeze on the Atlantic coast.

The first leg of the journey may indeed be the longest, as we leave the Bay Area and head east, aiming to arrive in Wendover, Utah by late evening. We will be camping out for our first two nights, before…

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2 responses to “A Long-Expected Journey”

  1. Jason Hills Avatar
    Jason Hills

    Good luck.

  2. Anthony J Hegarty Avatar
    Anthony J Hegarty

    Chestnut Tree at Schumacher
    (On The Importance of Ecstasy)

    Still in their winter dress
    (unlike her)
    Dark, hooded into their own silent spaces
    They circle the old tree,
    Stop, move in, look up and down,
    Searching for something.

    She billows out,
    Then relaxes between squalls
    Lets all her new fingered leaf
    Rest round those spikes of pink pollen,
    Before rising again
    On the chill moist May air.

    They touch her old bark,
    Are so desirous of connection,
    Needy of kinship
    With their praise and awe.
    Would even lie among those
    Raised breast-like spikes
    Wanting to be one with her.

    They shuffle from place to place
    Like adolescent kids at a dance
    Unsure about the best approach
    And lose out like them,
    The advantage that they had.

    It’s too much of an artefact
    A planned operation,
    Discussed among their buddies in advance
    To be successful.

    Courtship must be done at night,
    The moon in her arms,
    Seated at her rooted feet,
    Head on bony breast
    Ecstatic with adoration.

    Schumacher College, 14th May, 2

    See also BPS Transpersonal Psychology Review Vol 15 No 1 Spring 2012
    Gaia: the question of consciousness.
    (wondered if you ever got a dvd on Higgs bolson?)

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