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The Colorado Shooting: Why it’s Time for Critics of “The Newsroom” To Lay Down Their Guns

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NOTE: This post has been updated from its original content.

Critics of HBO’s “The Newsroom” – and there have been many of them – have chided the show’s writer-creator Aaron Sorkin for being too preachy. These criticisms have come from both the right and the left. The Wall Street Journal wrote that “preening virtue…weighs on this Aaron Sorkin series like a great damp cloud.” At the other end of the political spectrum, The New Yorker found that it “treats the audience as though we were extremely stupid.” The prevailing opinion of critics is that the show is too didactic and self-righteous.

The aim of the show is to shine a light on the failures of our journalists and elected officials over the last two years. When these criticisms come from an author or journalist, it’s fine. We give Pulitzer prizes for that sort of thing. When a television writer weighs…

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3 responses to “The Colorado Shooting: Why it’s Time for Critics of “The Newsroom” To Lay Down Their Guns”

  1. John Bryant Avatar

    Are you interested in the truth?

    This story is simply another psyop. The US government terrorizing and manipulating its own people, just like 9/11

    They justify these staged events as a “drills” but they are really treason since they are used to push legislation such as giving US 2nd amendment rights to the UN.

    1. Matthew David Segall Avatar

      Even if the UN Treaty (which is meant to prevent illegal international trading of weapons) had anything to do with taking guns from Americans, which it doesn’t, I’d still be in favor of it. Violent gun crime is at least 20x higher in America than in Europe, where guns are strictly controlled. I don’t see why we in the US shouldn’t be having a conversation about stricter gun control.

      1. John Bryant Avatar

        A Glock is a German gun. Should the UN decide trade policy on firearms in the US?

        I don’t choose to “arm” myself. But I consider those who do allies in the inevitable uprising against a fascist government gone awry. I thank them for using that right and I consider them much less of a risk than the agencies which are trampling our rights and minds with psychological operations like the Batman Shootings.

        Most Americans wouldn’t believe that was another staged event, and that is precisely the problem. A government which relies on more deception to enforce it’s past deceptions.

        I knew we were being lied to about 9/11 the day it happened. I’ve watched violent crime in the US escalate and at alarming rate since the times when the government (seemed) more honest and didn’t spend most of the taxpayers money on weaponry.

        I think this is the underlying issue with the crime rates in the US. People should not have to do what they must to get money.

        The government’s charter is to “provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare”, and they do not. With the money they use creating phony stories about terror attacks to justify draconian political agenda, they could solve the social problems which lead to the gun violence.

        On the other hand, Batman is trying to incite that violence and to the extent that it may be required to protect us from the government, if the occupy operation must get violent to restore justice and liberty… well it would be nice if these agencies would do it themselves rather than inciting the public to do their jobs.

        Alas, it’s difficult for what’s left of the FBI after it’s HQ was destroyed on 9/11 to bring the perps to justice after the perps rebuilt for their nefarious purposes. Yeah, more violence, not less on the way to a not-so-sane nation near you.

        I honestly wish it wasn’t the truth.

        Thanks for the reply matt and for making a space for this discussion on your blog. It’s important, and I don’t want to give you the impression I’m not open to your views.

        Best regards.

        Batman Forever

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