“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead

Root Images in Philosophies of Difference



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5 responses to “Root Images in Philosophies of Difference”

  1. A view from Old Hand Avatar

    The Bachelard video very nice. Beautiful imagery.

  2. dmfant Avatar

    so Jung wrongly thought that such images were rooted in our genetic inheritance what is your alternative theory of their transmission?

    1. Matthew David Segall Avatar

      They are transmitted by sunlight and earthquakes, by plant-life and thunderstorms. Images certainly are not information that might be encoded in genes. Images are what the embryo lives through as it develops in the womb.

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    […] I’d want to offer a different root image from the machine. An organism, perhaps. More specifically, I’d offer the root, itself: the universe is an inverted tree.  […]

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    […] forms traced upon solid materials or mere human abstractions projected onto earthly realities. The root images described here are not meant to stand in for, or to represent, the flow of actual matter-energy. What I’m […]

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