9th International Whitehead Conference in Kracow, Poland

I’m headed halfway around the world today to present a paper at the IWC in Poland. Roland Faber, Catherine Keller, Herman Greene and others will be giving talks. I’ll do my best to record and/or live blog during their remarks.

I’ll be presenting a paper in the religion section on the secularization of God in Whitehead and Deleuze. I’ll post the final draft sometime this weekend and a recording of the Q and A next week.


  1. I’d love to post your talk in my mp3 section at After Nature. Will you be recording other talks?

    Good luck with your paper and travels.

  2. Matthew, I hope you arrived home safely. I enjoyed our airport talks, and again, your comments during the conference. Best wishes as you wrap up your studies and move into the next phase of scholarship!!

    1. Margaret,

      Thanks for checking in. I made it home without a hitch. It was great to connect with you on the way home, since we didn’t get to speak much at the conference. Be sure to let me know next time you’re in San Francisco!

        1. Wonderful… send me your email address and I will forward it along. I’m working right now on reframing it for the Whiteheadian audience–hoping that Miroslaw Patalon will join in that analysis as he is working in social work–Follett’s field of practice. That may take a month or two. In the mean time, by all means check out her work! Cheers!

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