“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead

Peterson and the Left: A Podcast with Rebel Wisdom



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6 responses to “Peterson and the Left: A Podcast with Rebel Wisdom”

  1. dmf Avatar

    to ignore Peterson’s attacks on the culture/politics of the academy and his more general marketing attempts to play a central role in the culture wars (one could hardly be more overtly political) is a tragic blindspot, and this extends to his use of Jung (political, not psychological) which is simple-minded and outdated, there is a lot of good science emerging on complex-psychology and it calls for a radical rethinking of Jung’s pioneering work to keep it from getting stuck in conservative sociological projections or other rote applications:

    1. emanciplaytion Avatar

      I agree. Well-said.

      It seems as though this was glossed-over in this dialogue.

      Is Peterson really acting in good-faith? Is he really interested in generative dialogue? Does he take great care in presenting the views of others? I don’t think so. It seems a performance to me, though I do believe he thinks he is right (just not interested in the possibility that he may be wrong).

      So why spend much time on his “thoughts?”

      Perhaps the “left” (whatever that means) can learn ABOUT THEMSELVES from Peterson and his popularity. Perhaps what the Peterson phenomenon can teach “the left” is that so-called outrage culture & hyper-reactivity brings with it some unintended & counterproductive consequences?

      1. Matthew T. Segall Avatar

        Agreed. I am more interested in the Peterson moment as a learning opportunity for progressives. In our upcoming followup podcast, Adam, Jesse, and I also plan to unpack what is glossed over in discussions of the political spectrum that refer simply to “right” and “left.”

      2. dmf Avatar

        it’s a sign/symptom of the media-tion of the times, if you ask most folks on the left who Peterson even is they likely have no real idea but for a small group who all follow the same media he has become a way (as best I can see) to try and get an audience for their own views, sort of eating its own tail if you will in a kind of filter bubble way.
        More worrying for me is how even folks like Camille Paglia (who now hangs out with the goonsquad over at Reason) serve to remind us that there is a deep conservatism in ideas of eternal, universal, collective, etc archetypes or myths or anything like Hegelian ghosts in (or of) the machine.
        People are deeply cog-biased against contingency, heterogeneity and the like and I fear there is no cure as it’s more who/what they are than something that they have adopted.

    2. Matthew T. Segall Avatar

      I’m not all that happy with how this dialogue turned out, as a lot was missed. There is a whole second hour of the conversation where we do get more into some of what you’re saying is missing. I don’t know if the Rebel Wisdom folks plan to post that or not. Adam, Jesse, and I are going to record another podcast in the next several weeks to drill into these issues.

  2. Mat Delano Avatar
    Mat Delano

    Great stuff, and as a retired Boomer, it gives me hope for the future generations. And agreed that one of the weaknesses of Liberalism in general, is that while the emphasis on personal freedom is great, on the other hand we also created this ‘yuge’ void by never providing any ‘alternatives’, traditional or otherwise, especially for the more conservative, and frankly less-educated side of the social spectrum. So now the authoritarians and Fundamentalist are rushing in to fill the ‘vacuum’.

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