“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead

What is life? interview with Tim Freke







One response to “What is life? interview with Tim Freke”

  1. Caroline Hitch Avatar
    Caroline Hitch

    Truly a wonderful discussion and thanks to both of you for presenting it. But I’d like to offer a perspective on evil that avoids an anthropocentric point of view, and I direct it primarily towards Matthew. I don’t see how the term evil adds anything to our ability to understand and get a handle on behavior that’s a clear danger, except as a condemnatory term. Instead, I describe the universe, in part, as a product of destructive and constructive forces and that positive and negative human activity is just an extension of this. I don’t condone mans’ inhumanity to man but rather see it as the process of working through conflict, no different than two tectonic plates pushing up against the other. Eventually one subducts and the other slides over. We are also undergoing such a process of growth and tension release, not as this part or the other, but as both—it’s all one Animal. Meanwhile, consciousness endlessly works its way, sifting itself out at every synthesis, before undergoing a new turn on the spiral. It’s as though a single world mind was constantly consuming the conceptual world, crunching the failed tangents of thought to arrive at a less entropic state. But the difference between the destructive and constructive force as it applies to humans is that the destructive is always the weaker, while nonetheless contributing to the stronger. The destructive human harbors negative emotions as this is the source of its energy. Much better to love life, be positive in the face of difficulties, and do what one can to make this world a better place. There is no choice if one wants life instead of death. But we should never forget, it’s all one animal—even as we strive for strength and help others do the same. The marvel of existence is that everything that happens creates the capacity for something else to happen. Who in their right mind would object to that? The possibility exists that we can go a long way in helping everyone discover their unique talents and guide them to where they can be the most uniquely productive—which would constitute the most rewarding state a person can experience (broadly, or narrowly? speaking.) This is our purpose, to form a singular body. It’s exactly what takes place in the growing embryo, each cell groping towards its final actualization in the mature organism. This is the Earth process.
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