American Immanental Philosophies and the Future of Theopolitics: Dialoging with Michael Hogue


  1. OMG—this guest is a dum dum. He doesn’t see that everything he says about Trump is actually a projection of himself. It’s so transparent. Of course, none of the folks that demonize and dehumanize Trump see that they’re the dehumanizers, not Trump. It really is a derangement syndrome and shows how weak-minded the Left is.

    1. LOL yeah, Trump is a true stable genius and model of humane behavior… WHAT?? Get real. I grant that “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is real and problematic, but only because the liberals and bleed-blue Democrats who suffer from it pretend like all our problems started with Trump, as if merely electing Biden will suddenly make everything OK again. As my learned guest Prof. Hogue argues, Trump is just a symptom of a profoundly dysfunctional system and culture, not the source or cause of our problems. That said, Trump is definitely gasoline on the fire.

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