A Dialogue with Richard Tarnas on Archetypal Cosmology

This was a few weeks ago at CIIS.edu. I'm time-stamping to jump in half way so as to highlight that part of our discussion most relevant to the topics explored on this blog.   https://youtu.be/HFID-EqFVmg?t=49m3s

Toward a Communicative Cosmos: Whitehead and Media Ecology (updated draft)

Below is a draft of a paper I'll offer at the MEA Convention in a few weeks. I share it here in the hopes that my readers may provide feedback that helps me improve it. I have something like 15 minutes to present as part of a panel on "Philosophical Perspectives," so I'll only be [...]

Erowid’s Psychedelic Encyclopedia at CIIS

https://youtu.be/ZGawsovSzLw This conversation with Earth and Fire Erowid (of erowid.org) at CIIS back in January was supposed to be recorded for a podcast, but alas, due to technical difficulties, the sound crew was unable to record it. Lo and behold, I just came across this video of the event, taken by someone in the audience. Thanks, [...]