A Dialogue with Richard Tarnas on Archetypal Cosmology

This was a few weeks ago at CIIS.edu. I'm time-stamping to jump in half way so as to highlight that part of our discussion most relevant to the topics explored on this blog.   https://youtu.be/HFID-EqFVmg?t=49m3s

Toward a Communicative Cosmos: Whitehead and Media Ecology (updated draft)

Below is a draft of a paper I'll offer at the MEA Convention in a few weeks. I share it here in the hopes that my readers may provide feedback that helps me improve it. I have something like 15 minutes to present as part of a panel on "Philosophical Perspectives," so I'll only be [...]

Erowid’s Psychedelic Encyclopedia at CIIS

https://youtu.be/ZGawsovSzLw This conversation with Earth and Fire Erowid (of erowid.org) at CIIS back in January was supposed to be recorded for a podcast, but alas, due to technical difficulties, the sound crew was unable to record it. Lo and behold, I just came across this video of the event, taken by someone in the audience. Thanks, [...]

McLuhan on Electronic Media

I'm reading McLuhan's classic Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (1964) as I prepare a paper for the Media Ecology Association conference this summer. I'm struck by his prophetic insights into the effect of "electronic media" on the human condition. My MEA conference paper will challenge some of his basic assumptions from a (surprise, surprise) Whiteheadian [...]