“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead

The Rheomode Series, a YouTube playlist

I’ll be spending more time at the South Yuba River for the remainder of the summer. I’ll be recording more videos thinking with rocks, water, air, and fire. I’ll keep adding them to this playlist below.

“What you thought was dead and inanimate betrays a secret life and silent, inexorable intent. You have got caught up in a hustle and bustle where everything goes its own way with strange gestures, beside you, above you, beneath you, and through you; even the stones speak to you, and magical threads spin from you to things and from things to you. … But if you watch closely, you will see what you have never seen before, namely that things live your life, and that they live off you: the rivers bear your life to the valley, one stone falls upon another with your force, plants and animals also grow through you and they are the cause of your death. A leaf dancing in the wind dances with you; the irrational animal guesses your thought and represents you. The whole earth sucks its life from you and everything reflects you again. Nothing happens in which you are not entangled in a secret manner; for everything has ordered itself around you and plays your innermost. Nothing in you is hidden to things, no matter how remote, how precious, how secret it is. It inheres in things. Your dog robs you of your father, who passed away long ago, and looks at you as he did. The cow in the meadow has intuited your mother, and charms you with total calm and security. The stars whisper your deepest mysteries to you, and the soft valleys of the earth rescue you in a motherly womb. Like a stray child you stand pitifully among the mighty, who hold the threads of your life. You cry for help and attach yourself to the first person that comes your way. Perhaps he can advise you, perhaps he knows the thought that you do not have, and which all things have sucked out of you.”

-C. G. Jung, The Red Book (Liber Secundus 27/28).


2 responses to “The Rheomode Series, a YouTube playlist”

  1. Daryl & Lori Vernon Avatar
    Daryl & Lori Vernon

    rocks – ‘satisfaction’ – morphological sequence* 3, genetic sequence** 3 air (wood) – ‘prehension’ – 4,2 fire – ‘enjoyment’ – 1,3 water – ‘appetition’ – 5,1

    but missing? metal – ‘superject’ – 2,5

    * as in 1-2-3-4-5, akin to “hierarchy” as in flower. stalk, leave, lead growth, root ** as in 5-4-1 (holiness aspects) -3-2 (mundane aspects)

    or from india substitute ether


    ps if you want a Judaic map with these rurbics imbedded I can provide

  2. Daryl & Lori Vernon Avatar
    Daryl & Lori Vernon

    should’ve added: rocks (earth), but also from which metal, as in 2 depending on, clinging to 3 in genetic sequence, demise after completion/satisfaction

    enjoy your time away

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