Philosophical Essays

“If you went in search of it, you would not find the boundaries of the soul, though you traveled every road—so deep is its logos.

“Thoughts are an independent power, continuing to act on their own, growing in such a way that they restrain their own mother (the soul).”

“The account of the sixth day should be written, He gave them speech, and they became souls.”


  1. There are a lot of presuppositions, a lot of a priori and a lot of. I would not say. innuendos but partialities. We need to go beyond the Platonic footnote of Whitehead and establish that neuro-cognitive aesthetic is not the same as epistemology, ontology, metaphysics, and what you have in philosophy. We have overrun philosophy with sophophilia, like paedophilia and haemophilia and other philias; Let us move beyond.
    William Robert

  2. Looking forward to reading into your work and having conversation with you.

    Evolving the civilizational techne for the noosphere to become self-consciousness by a collective process is the goal: an epistemological leap into discursive space that is unlimited to either the category of mythos or of logos but opens itself to both, to receive all forms of discourse into a common space, “the khora” if you will. Plato’s expulsion of the artist from politics must now be overcome so to empower the human spirit and save democracy and our planet.

    I am interested in the practicality of building on graph database and peer-to-peer technologies to support the opening of intertextual space. See: IPFS. Think: omni-subjective knowledge graph for critical pedagogy and liquid democracy, for holarchy.


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