Philosophical Essays

“Thoughts are an independent power, continuing to act on their own, growing in such a way that they restrain their own mother (the soul).” –Schelling

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Retrieving Realism: A Whiteheadian Wager

The Function of Reason and the Recovery of an Earthly Architecture 

Worldly Religion in Deleuze and Whitehead: On the Possibility of a Secular Divinity

Physics of the World-Soul: The Relevance of A. N. Whitehead’s Philosophy of Organism to Contemporary Scientific Cosmology (2nd edition)

The Re-Emergence of Schelling Philosophy in a Time of Emergency

Logos of a Living Earth Toward a New Marriage of Science and Myth for Our Planetary Future

Imagination in the Speculative Philosophies of Plato, Schelling, and Whitehead

Participatory Psychedelia: Transpersonal Theory, Religious Studies, and Chemically-Altered (Alchemical) Consciousness (>published version in The Journal of Transpersonal Research<). 

Remembering Creation: Towards a Christian Ecosophy

The Spirit of Integral Poetry: Waring the Symbolism of Organism

Religion and the Modern World: Towards a Naturalistic Panentheism

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