Philosophical Essays

“If you went in search of it, you would not find the boundaries of the soul, though you traveled every road—so deep is its logos.

“Thoughts are an independent power, continuing to act on their own, growing in such a way that they restrain their own mother (the soul).”

“The account of the sixth day should be written, He gave them speech, and they became souls.”

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Physics of the World-Soul: Whitehead’s Adventure in Cosmology (Third Edition, 2018)

“Retrieving Realism: A Whiteheadian Wager”

“Whitehead and Media Ecology: Toward a Communicative Cosmos”

“The Origin of Organism: On the Place of Life in the Cosmos”

“Religion in Human and Cosmic Evolution: Whitehead’s Alternative Vision”

“The Function of Reason and the Recovery of an Earthly Architecture”

“Worldly Religion in Deleuze and Whitehead: On the Possibility of a Secular Divinity”

The Re-Emergence of Schelling Philosophy in a Time of Emergency

“Logos of a Living Earth Toward a New Marriage of Science and Myth for Our Planetary Future”

“Imagination in the Speculative Philosophies of Plato, Schelling, and Whitehead”

“Participatory Psychedelia: Transpersonal Theory, Religious Studies, and Chemically-Altered (Alchemical) Consciousness” (>published version in The Journal of Transpersonal Research<). 

“Remembering Creation: Towards a Christian Ecosophy”

“The Spirit of Integral Poetry: Waring the Symbolism of Organism”

“Religion and the Modern World: Towards a Naturalistic Panentheism”

2 thoughts on “Philosophical Essays

  1. There are a lot of presuppositions, a lot of a priori and a lot of. I would not say. innuendos but partialities. We need to go beyond the Platonic footnote of Whitehead and establish that neuro-cognitive aesthetic is not the same as epistemology, ontology, metaphysics, and what you have in philosophy. We have overrun philosophy with sophophilia, like paedophilia and haemophilia and other philias; Let us move beyond.
    William Robert

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