“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead

Documentary on Owen Barfield



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5 responses to “Documentary on Owen Barfield”

  1. John Bryant Avatar
    John Bryant

    The rainbow is really there, but it’s not where it appears to be. And the energy which the rainbow focuses on its observer is every bit as real and magical as the symbols we’ve been able to conjure for it’s significance. 🙂 Nice clip!!

  2. John Bryant Avatar
    John Bryant

    The issue is this. What the average 20th century man was told about rainbows does not approach their subtler significance. To approach these, one must understand what Bailey-DK calls “the mystery of Brahma” or the “secret of the third aspect. (Page 872 in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire) Properly translated, this is the nature of the tsela in Genesis, the “day of rest” referred to in the bible. It’s treated as the 7th stage in the I Ching, the stage of return rather than the “day of rest”. And it describes the very nature of the continuum from which matter and energy are born.

    You found this in Timaeus, and even though it’s required reading in many schools the concept is so formidable, that precious few ever grok it. In reality, the light that is focused on you from the rainbow, indicates alterations taking place in your disposition to the Solar logos.

    The light which appears to shine from the Sun is more properly understood as a vector through which you are carried through time. Walter Russell called this the secret of light, and reflection, diffraction, and color perception are all subordinate phenomena.

  3. Gary Smith Avatar

    Owen Barfield undoubtedly knew Ralph Waldo Emerson; did he have anything to say about that fountainhead of American thought? Do you?

    1. Matthew David Segall Avatar

      I’m not sure what Barfield thought of Emerson, but I imagine he was an admirer. Reading Emerson has always been an empowering and uplifting experience for me. I’ve just posted a short post about him: https://footnotes2plato.com/2011/05/11/the-ideal-realism-of-schelling-and-emerson/

  4. Kasper Nijsen Avatar

    Thanks for posting this. Barfield was indeed a great admirer of Emerson. In one of his first major works, Poetic DIction, he cites at length from Nature.

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