“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead

Follow me to the desert, my soul.

Follow me to the desert,

My soul.


Sing with me

Until I lose my mind;

Dance with me,

Until my body unwinds,

And my feet no longer touch the ground,

And all that’s left of time

Is the sound of wind shaping sand.


Build with me a temple,

My soul.


Share with me your sacred,

Shuddering secrets,

And conceive within me

The meaning of the stars above.


I can taste the sky

In your smile,

My soul.


Will you hold me?

Will you make me whole?


Who are you,

My soul?


From how high have you come down

To this earth,

And to what heights will we go

when I die?


Help me to remember the smell of grace,

The incense of eternity

That guides the faithful home from their fallenness.


I have forgotten your name,

My soul.


I cannot see the color of your eyes

In the darkness of this sightless night.

Show me your glory

In the warmth of other faces.

Reveal to me the angel of God

In every voice I live to hear.


Let me be burnt to dust,

My soul.


Let my embers rain down

To rejoin the earth,

And release my spirit

To the heavens.






One response to “Follow me to the desert, my soul.”

  1. Zarko Avatar

    Matt, very nice — sincere, moving, pasionate..thank you!
    (Idem the vid pre-BM).

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