The Difficulty of Christianity (a response to ProfessorAnton)

Professor Anton will probably respond to my response, as is his kind habit. I’ll post it here when he does.

(Be sure to visit the YouTube link so you can read the comment threads beneath my video. The dialogue is getting rather interesting…)


  1. Really beautiful. Christianity was partly about making people more than they were by giving them power to form a more integrated self. These days most people only associate it with arbitrary restriction – even Christians. Which is why this is incredible and will be so difficult for most to understand.

    It’s so wonderful that I might have become Christian had I heard people talk like this in my formative years.

    As for the vid comments – I will subtly say that I am amazed at the lack of interpretive flexibility of certain “philosophers” ; ). Personally, I approach philosophy as an adventure of interpretation, coherence, and perspective. Clarification is crucial, yes, but it’s not ALL that philosophy is, good lord.

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