Organic Science in Schelling and Whitehead

A lecture from last week’s class Brief History of Western Thought on Romanticism and the crisis of modern science as it played out in the organic nature philosophy of Schelling and Whitehead.


  1. But also see the organismic ‘holistic biology’ of Kurt Goldstein distilled from his work in the rehabilitation of individuals with brain injury. And also the architectonic philosophical system of Charles Sanders Peirce, founder of American pragmatism (or what he preferred to call his ‘pragmaticism’) and his evolutionary metaphysics that addresses the problems of Cartesianism–foundationalism, nominalism, dualism, etc–all of which have led to the current crises precipitated by the failures of modernism. To check out a contemporary American philosopher who totally ‘gets’ this, check out any of the writing of John Deely.

  2. Organic science is found in the work of Rupert Sheldrake right out of Whitehead philosophy. Science should dump the mechanistic model. Manifestation based on Morphic Resonance based on organism model, habit of nature, rather than machine like processes.

  3. Thank you so much for this explanation!!

    Are you familiar with David Bohm’s work in quantum physics and philosphy? He too has been influenced by Whitehead, and in fact, his former assistant, Prof. Basil Hiley has mentioned Schelling as an inspiration.
    This interview excerpt pretty much sums up their view:

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