“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead

Dialogue with a Whiteheadian Thelemite Vajrayanist Wiccan, Sam Webster



One response to “Dialogue with a Whiteheadian Thelemite Vajrayanist Wiccan, Sam Webster”

  1. roycrawfordsmith Avatar

    Some ramblings and musings. Well, Like Plotinus and Porphyry, I’m not inclined to the Theurgical approach any more than I am inclined to Tantra over Advaita Vedanta, Left hand path over Right hand path, or Quadrophenia over Tommy’s Rock Opera. All roads to lead to the One but I personally prefer the direct route over the scenic route, after treading the latter to Teenage Wasteland (a song from Quadrophenia).
    Saul of Tarsus solidified the hellenic-judaic syncretism we know as Christianity and gave us the static object we have today. Jordan Peterson helps us find Heraclitis and Logos buried in Christianity for its reanimation as process. There’s also process theology. So, Christianity is not perhaps so much the ‘evil one’ that Sam rants about. I don’t question his process understanding of Theurgy nor his insight into its implementation. I question some of his assumptions that might effect his Theurgy, with negative results, I’m referring to the almost universal conspiracy theory among progressives of Climate Change Alarmism.
    Really you must eventually delve into the fabrication of that construct with real science instead of merely conforming with a pseudo mother religion consensus. We see the manifestation of this mania in Sam with his, “capitalist machinery that is totally destroying this planet” or “we’ve only got 200 years left as a species”, or “We’re like cockroaches, very hard to destroy”. I recommend George Carlin’s take on that sort of anthropocentric magnification of human importance in the Gaia scheme of things. She will shake us off her back like fleas with a couple of tremors if she pleases. Such lack of cosmic context and unfounded fears will surely affect Sam’s theurgy with unintended consequences. The gods are laughing.
    Other than that, Sam’s information was top notch and I’m really impressed with what you’ve been doing lately. I learned a lot about Iamblichus and since gathered much of his information from OSOGD.ORG. Fantastic! Thanks!

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