Evan Thompson on the “Stream” of Consciousness

Originally posted on Knowledge Ecology:
Evan Thompson takes up the question of the stream of consciousness HERE. It’s a topic he discusses at some length in his newest book Waking, Dreaming, Being, which I heartily recommend to all my readers interested in phenomenology, neuroscience, and buddhism. The post also got picked up by Conscious Entities HERE, but what I…

Feelings Matter because Motion Emotes.

ConferenceReport (or Fred in the meat-world) likes to take his visuoaudiences on a walk through metaphors of mind. In this video, he draws on the work of the cognitive scientists George Lakoff, Thomas Nagel, Antonio Damasio, Thomas Metzinger, and William James, among others. I’m most interested in what Fred has to say about the relationship between consciousness and […]

Hofstadter, Wittgenstein, Varela: Loops, Language, Poesis

The purpose of this essay is to display how the Enlightenment’s arête became its harmartia. In other words, it is to show how Modernity’s greatest virtue became its tragic flaw. Its virtue was to separate the Big Three: the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. This differentiation lead to all the positive aspects of Modern […]