Mutations podcast interview

Thanks to Jeremy for hosting a great conversation!

LINK to Podcast


  1. being a pragmatist I always wonder about practical implications and how apart from these kinds of academic exercises this perspective you are developing makes a difference (or not) in how you live your life, how you make decisions day to day, and so forth, what can you do that someone who has a more traditional viewpoint can’t do from sunup to sundown?

      1. well if practical means serves some human need than I guess but that seems to just be saying in other words that it is something humans do which doesn’t get us very far, does it? yes I get that yer a professional speculator as an academic was wondering more about what specifically your take on the world allows you to do that other positions don’t, what recommends it in terms of new possibilities for folks who aren’t seeking to be academic lecturers or appreciators of?

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