My presentation on Whitehead & Deleuze for the Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition conference at Seattle University

Here’s the audio:

I’m particularly interested in what folks familiar with Deleuze think about the exchange between me and the woman in the audience during the discussion portion. Am I getting Deleuze’s general approach wrong?

Here’s the text of my paper: pact-2019-conference-presentation.pdf


  1. Apropos footnote No. 35: what did you mean to indicate by the term “essence” in the context of Aristotelian metaphysics (in contrast to Whitehead’s “eternal objects”)? Obviously Aristotle was writing in Greek so he did not use that word. In my obtuseness, the only terms that occur to me are “ousia,” “eidos,” or “morphe,” but none of these makes sense in the context of the distinction you are making in the footnote.

What do you think?

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