Rupert Sheldrake on Whitehead

I interviewed Rupert Sheldrake as part of a new series for the Cobb Institute. I’ll be speaking with a number of scientists who have been influenced by Whitehead.


  1. Congratulations on getting the interview with Sheldrake. I once had breakfast with him in London and we talked briefly about Whitehead.

    I was staying at the Gaia Foundation and he lived next door. They invited him over. He wouldn’t remember me.

    I have read and like his work.

    On that trip I also had lunch with Edward Goldsmith, author of *The Way: An Ecological Worldview. *It’s a classic in my view. I also talked with him about Whitehead.

    This reminds me, did you receive the Ecozoic Journal I sent you on “The Ecozoic Way.” It contains a brief review of *The Way.*

    I’ll watch the Sheldrake interview. From my standpoint it wouldn’t hurt if you edited or had someone edit these interviews to shorten them.


  2. Thanks for this incredible interview. Which paper of yours, Matt, are the two of you referring to, toward the end? It’s some sort of article comparing panpsychism and Whitehead’s panexperientialism?

    Such a wealth of recommendations made by Rupert, here. What a warm, jovial man, in addition to his scholarship. What a delight this was.

  3. Matt, I enjoyed this immensely. Your Whitehead scholarship is brilliant, and sorely needed in today’s materialist indoctrination paradigm. Integral theorists are calling for a “post metaphysical” Integral, but I believe we’re heading for a “post materialism” understanding, with Whitehead panpsychism rather than the odd sort of panpsychism contemplated today, which is just more substance ontology.
    I actually owe Sheldrake a great deal of gratitude for his key to understanding the temporal relation between consciousness and phenomena. Everything fell into place after that. Consciousness is Now, and it’s the only “thing” occurring Now; phenomena is always in a past relation to consciousness except in its prehension to the present, or as Sheldrake would have it, its morphic resonance, like a wave, resonating in the time domain, like the wake behind the boat of consciousness. I rather think you would enjoy David Bohm’s ideas if your new direction with Cob is to syncretize philosophy with science, particularly implicate and explicate order, Pilot Wave, and Bohmian mechanics.

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