“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead

I am Time

I am Time

Time is unwinding

through its eternal hour

and life is heading always

toward the grave.

The sun is being born

and dying

every day

as the earth

rolls across the sky.

Toward the Origin

all creation flows,

though once upon a time,

the destiny of this world

was written with words.


the dreadful deeds

of speaking animals

become fallen angels,

the confession of earthly prisoners,

their struggle

to be set free

from certainty,

from Fate.

The human being will fly

when with wings of light

it takes the leap into darkness,

dying into its depths.

There, at the still center of a eye-less world,

the soul catches wind of heaven

and begins to rise.

Through the wisdom of love

death is unmasked

as the bleeding heart of God.

In paradise, now twice,

the sun sets into night

revealing astral signs

of years far greater

than its height.

Here, I find my destiny,

who takes me for a fool.

She does not test me,

but trusts in my simplicity.

I judge not evil

the world that birthed me,

but good,

for my soul returns

to her same

secret womb

when my last breath

unbinds me

and in my body

only room remains.

The course of my earthly life

is guided ahead of time

by eyes divine and wiser

shouting silent words

from eternity

at my deaf reveries.

I live life

chasing the scents

of muses;

possessed by the songs

of sirens;

enamored with the endless tales

of Time.

These are the moods

of my soul’s relation

to the world’s.

Together, the world-soul,

you and I,

imagine eternity.

Time is a temple,



let its spirit

undo you.


Where have you gone?

Where had you come from?

Time tells its secrets to no one.

Time is one,

and though without a name,

time still speaks in me.

I am time.

You are time.

We are the world-soul,

a moving image

made eternally.







One response to “I am Time”

  1. Will Avatar

    Hi Matthew,

    Beautiful thoughts.

    In Bhagavad-gita (11.32) the Blessed Lord Krishna says, “I am Time, destroyer of worlds, and I have come to engage all people.”

    We are moments in Time, instants, or as they say ‘instantiations’ of Time. The apparent permanence of material things or personas is destroyed by time revealing their true nature as transitory or temporal. This dynamic living Reality (Krishna) in which we are finite participants is our true identity. It is not impersonal. It is deliberate and personal active engagement and being engaged by the Divine (Gottesdienst). This is the meaning.

    Of course, this is given as instruction to the externally conditioned soul. Thus it is preliminary education that precedes deeper realization.

    E. Caird described Hegel’s philosophical message as “Die to live.” One dies to life that is not lived in the service of the Divine to live in one that is.

    This is my favorite part of your very nice mediation:

    Here, I find my destiny,
    who takes me for a fool.
    She does not test me,
    but trusts in my simplicity.
    I judge not evil

    but good,

    This is the soul of a saint.

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