“The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”
–Alfred North Whitehead

Reason, Reality, & Religion in the Making (dialoguing with John Vervaeke)

Thanks to John Vervaeke for hosting me on his channel. It was a wonderful conversation. As you’ll hear, we are planning to do a few trilogues soon with Jorge Ferrer and Evan Thompson.


5 responses to “Reason, Reality, & Religion in the Making (dialoguing with John Vervaeke)”

  1. Roy Smith Avatar

    Vervaeke discusses the wider context of “reason” that is missing from deterministic rationalism. I think this wider context is otherwise known as “Divine Reason”, and it’s one in the same with the “Logos”, handed down from Heraclitus through the Platonists and Plotinus to St. Augustine. Metaphysically, the Logos is the word or vibration that creates and sustains all universes.. So, it’s active creation, constantly updating phenomena at all scales in a fractal holographic Cosmos. That vibration is metaphorically represented in Sanskrit by Aum, the primal resonance containing all sounds, all sub harmonies within it.
    This conception of mind, reason or “reality” is, of course, not static. Every thought and feeling has resonant frequencies associated with it. Every phenomenon has resonant frequencies, as noted when we determine the interior of stars by listening to their harmonies as they vibrate with seismic waves. I think the content of these energy equations has a higher vibratory correspondent at the archetypal or meaning level, i.e. Plato’s Forms, or Divine Ideas. If we were to model this along theoretical physics lines, all phenomena is vibration in n M Super String dimensions, and we experience phenomena as crest and wave, on/ off vibratory expression within consciousness.

  2. Tony Hegarty Avatar

    Lisening to your description of some of the Whitehead points:…nothing out there but a potential…and the agency is the actual occasion …but the potential is real and eternal… we should read Plato more carefully… I liked all that …sorry its so stream of consciousness from my memory of it.
    I wanted to ask, isn’t this also what Jung means by the concept of archetypes? I like his illstration of a solution which contains the potential to form the axis of the crystal. I wonder if your conversation isn’t also expressed by Erich Neumann in his paper to the Eranos Group: “Mystical Man” (1948) ? A long time ago I know and pretty sexist but his idea of the constant Creative development of consciousness seems to reflect what you were both saying…even looking for. Appreciate your comments Matt.

  3. Justin Avatar

    Did the trialogue with Vervaeke and Evan Thompson ever happen. I can’t find Thompson discussing or citing Vervaeke anywhere.

    1. Matthew David Segall Avatar

      Hasn’t happened, yet. Definitely open to it!

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